Student Accomplishments

Congrats to Nick Sorrell who completed his first solo July 7, 2011! Way to go!
James Anderson's First Solo. Congrats! 7/1/11
Heather Dingman's Solo Flight! June 20th, 2011! Nice work!
Congratulations to Tim for completing his initial solo in his R-22, N785SH on April 28th, 2011!
Congratulations to Deb for passing her Rotorcraft (Helicopter) Certified Flight Instructor checkride on April 24th, 2011! Deb now becomes one of Alyeska Helicopters newest home grown instructors.
Congratulations to Nadalie (Natalie) for passing her Private Pilot (Rotorcraft) checkride on April 15th, 2011! I told you, you should have played in that last soccer game!