Student Accomplishments

Congrats to Steve Menaker for passing his Private Add-On Checkride! 04/21/15
The weather cleared up just in time for Thomas to pass his CFI check ride!! Way to go Thomas! Great flying out there! 04/10/15
All smiles here! Andy passed his check ride today! Great job and great flying. Congratulations Andy! 04/02/15
Congratulations Amber Babcock! Amber just passed her checkride for her Rotorcraft Private Pilot Add-On. So this very talented aviator is now rated to fly helicopters as well as airplanes! 01/30/15
Today was an exciting day for Kevin Greenfield. After having to wait for the weather to cooperate for several days, he as finally able to do his first solo flight! Well done, Kevin! 12/30/14
Yeah Andy King!! Andy completed his first cross country solo flight today. Congratulations Andy!! 12/18/14