Student Accomplishments

Way to go Nick Bouker. Congrats on passing your Private checkride. Awesome job Nick! 12/15/14
Congrats to Evan Swinghamer, he passed his Private Add-On. Awesome job! 12/15/14
There goes Ty Potgieter for his first solo! Woo hoo! 12/02/14
Congratulations Thomas Bue!! Thomas just completed his Commercial Checkride. Since January he's completed his Private, Instrument and now Commercial Checkrides. He's on a roll! Way to go Thomas!! 10/18/14
A big congratulations to Patience Prieksat for completing her Private Add-On checkride!!! Way to go, Patience! 09/30/14
Congratulations Jed Purcell! Jed successfully completed his first solo flight and looked like a pro while doing it. Well done Jed!! 08/07/14