Student Accomplishments

Way to go Artur!! Artur Ivlev had his first solo flight the other day and had a great time. There's a little hint of one of our great instructors, Kevin Brashar, in the reflection of the window of the helicopter but we can't help but show Artur's happy smile. Congratulations Artur!! 4/5/14
Congrats to Thomas Bue!! He successfully completed his Private Add-On this week! Watch out world, here he comes! 3/18/14
Yeah Nick Bouker!! Nick had his first solo flight yesterday. Congratulations and keep up the good work! 3/15/14
There's a new helicopter CFI among us! Congratulations Rob Boynton!! Rob took and passed his CFI checkride today. A great way to spend some time in the wonderful spring sunshine. 3/6/14
Alec couldn't wait to get his photo taken after his first solo. Way to go, Alec! 2/21/14
Thomas Bue!! Way to go! Thomas had his very first solo flight in a helicopter this past week. He's speeding through his private pilot add on course. Watch out skies, here comes this guy! 2/19/14