Student Accomplishments

Congratulations Ben on a successful CFI checkride and welcome to the club of Helicopter CFIs!! Pictured: left Ben Briceland, on the right "The One and THE Only" Hon Kinzie!!” 2/15/14
Congrats to Raven!!! She completed her first solo on 2/3/14!
On Sunday morning, John W. completed his first solo! Congrats John! 1/21/14
Way to go Donovan Mosher! Donovan completed his FIRST solo flight. Congratulations and way to make it look easy!! 10/30/13
Congrats go out to Jimmy Hudson, today he had his very first solo in an R22! A good time was had by all so definitely consider this one a success! Congratulations Jimmy! 10/10/13
Congratulations Hank for completing your first solo flight. 8/30/13