Student Accomplishments

Way to go Jared Frated. He completed his first SOLO flight the other day. Watch out traffic, he's zooming through the private curriculum!! 4/10/13
Alyeska Helicopters is so very pleased to announce our NEWEST PRIVATE PILOT, way to go Conrad Booth!! Conrad (a.k.a conRAD!) took and passed his private pilot checkride yesterday. Great way to use up the last bits of sunshine before our lovely snowfall!! 4/6/13
Congratulations to our brave Californian Abe Lozoff, all his hard work is starting to pay off and he just completed his first SOLO flight!! Congrats ABE!! 3/30/13
Ron Reinhardt's first SOLO at PABV. Congrats! 10/23/12
Tony West after his first solo! 1/23/13
Congrats to Ben Briceland - You can now solo! We are so happy for you! 5-31-2012