Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Add-On

Educational Objective:

A Flight Instructor Certificate allows a pilot to give flight instruction and endorse the logbook of pilots in training. This syllabus will allow the experienced instructor to teach students/pilots in helicopters.

Admission Requirements:

A student must have both a FAA Certificated Flight Instructor and Commercial Helicopter Certificate. They must also hold a valid third-class medical certificate from a Federal Aviation Administration approved physician. The student must be at least 18 years of age prior to the practical test.

Length of Program:

This program runs approximately three months for full time students. Lengths of programs are based on a four day a week schedule.

Program Content:

  • 25 hours of Dual Flight Instruction(R22)
  • 20 hours of Ground Instruction

Now that the necessary helicopter experience is there, you get to be the instructor again. You will occupy to the instructor’s position and demonstrate the capabilities of instructional flight for all maneuvers and the ability to evaluate a student’s flight skills. Majority of your time spent in the helicopter will be giving mock lessons to your instructor. Basic and advanced flight maneuvers, autorotations and touch-downs are just some of the things that you will need to be able to demonstrate that you can instruct to another. Cohesive lesson plans and competent execution of said plans are to be presented to the instructor. At this point, it will be time to take the check ride to earn your CFI Add-On.

Program Cost* FAA Minimum Average
Dual Instruction 25h $ 7,250.00 30h $ 8,700.00
Ground Instruction 20h $ 1,000.00 25h $ 1,250.00
Flight & SFAR Test 2 $ 1,000.00 2 $ 1,000.00
PROGRAM TOTAL   $ 9,250.00   $ 10,950.00

To teach in the Robinson R-22/44, applicant must have at least 50 hours in the R-22/44 helicopter (in the R-44, 1/2 could come from the R-22) with a total of 200 total hours in helicopters.

*Please see Rates and Financing for our hourly price breakdown.

Additional Notes:

  • Program cost estimated, based on a minimum amount of hours required for this rating by the FAA. 
  • The $1,000.00 flight test fee is not paid from funds on account with Alyeska Helicopters.