Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) Add-On

Educational Objective:

This program is designed for the student who is already a CFII. The syllabus will teach rotorcraft instruction with instrumentation. The more discerning employer will pick the potential employee with this rating, as it allows them to teach both VFR and IFR courses. The student will expand their situational awareness and ability to compensate for lack of ideal meteorological conditions. It is a very lucrative program to pursue as many employers require this rating.

Admission Requirements:

A student must have both a FAA Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument and Commercial Helicopter Certificate as well as hold a valid third-class medical certificate from a Federal Aviation Administration approved physician.

Length of Program:

This program runs approximately three months for full time students. Lengths of programs are based on a four day a week schedule.

Program Content:

  • 15 hours of Dual Flight Instruction(R44)
  • 15 hours of Ground Instruction

A deeper understanding of IFR flight will be imparted along with the various navigation techniques and maneuvers. Demonstration of a substantial understanding of the airport environment and situational awareness while performing approaches and orientation exercises will be required. You will need to indicate that you are capable of instructing how to interpret the numerous reports and forecasts as well as any weather publications necessary when IFR is involved. Review of instrument maneuvers and planning cross-country IFR flights with students is one of the last things that needs to be accomplished. You will then be ready to take the check ride in order to receive your CFII Add-On certificate.

Program Cost* FAA Minimum Average
Dual Instruction 15h $ 8,175.00 30h $ 16,350.00
Ground Instruction 15h $ 750.00 25h $ 1,250.00
Flight & SFAR Test 2 $ 1,000.00 2 $ 1,000.00
PROGRAM TOTAL   $ 9,925.00   $ 18,600.00

To teach in the Robinson R-44, applicant must have at least 50 hours in the R-44 (1/2 of which could come from R-22) and 200 total helicopter hours.

*Please see Rates and Financing for our hourly price breakdown.

Additional Notes:

  • Program cost estimated, based on a minimum amount of hours required for this rating by the FAA. 
  • The $1,000.00 flight test fee is not paid from funds on account with Alyeska Helicopters.  
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