Helicopter Commercial Pilot Certificate

Educational Objective:

This program is designed for the student who has a Private Pilot Certificate with Rotorcraft Rating and wishes to obtain a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Certificate. A Commercial Pilot Certificate allows you to conduct commercial helicopter flights for compensation or hire. It is recommended that students take the Certified Flight Instructor Program in addition to this one. This is to maximize employment opportunities; most often a commercial helicopter pilot’s first job is as a flight instructor.

Admission Requirements:

A student must have a FAA Private Pilot Helicopter Certificate and hold at least a valid third-class medical certificate from a Federal Aviation Administration approved physician. The student must be at least 18 years of age prior to the Commercial practical test. Ask the office if a Part 61 course would be a better option for you.

Length of Program:

This program runs approximately six months for full time students. Lengths of programs are based on a four day a week schedule.

Program Content:

115 hours of Flight Instruction

  • 115 hours dual instruction (R-22)
  • 5 hours required instrument dual instruction (R-44)
  • 30 hours Ground Instruction

Stage I: The subjects that were touched on during your Private course will be expanded upon. You will review airspaces and advanced helicopter operations. You will go over pinnacles and confined area operations and increase competency on maneuvers that were previously taught. Various commercial pilot elements will be introduced and you will need to demonstrate response capabilities in simulated emergencies.

Stage II: You will continue to work on instrument flight and fulfill all cross country requirements. At this stage, you will expand on your aviation weather knowledge. Running commercial operations and their individual characteristics will be emphasized and you will conduct your solo night flight with VFR requirements.

Stage III: There is no ground training for stage three. Throughout this whole program you will be building the 75 PIC hours needed to attain this certificate. You will fine tune your helicopter piloting skills to commercial standards in order to complete the stage three check and practical exam.

Program Cost* FAA Minimum Average**
Dual Instruction 115h $ 33,350.00 45h $ 13,050.00
Req. Inst. Instruction 5h $ 2,725.00 0h --
Ground Instruction 30h $ 1,500.00 30h $ 1,500.00
FAA Written Exam 1 $ 150.00 1 $ 150.00
Flight Test 1 $ 600.00 1 $ 600.00
Books & Supplies   $ 150.00   $ 150.00
PROGRAM TOTAL   $ 38,475.00   $15,450.00

*Please see Rates and Financing for our hourly price breakdown. **Based on Part 61 after completing Private and Instrument Courses. All PIC hours during the instrument course will apply towards the 100 hours PIC and 115 hours total required for Commercial Certificate.

Additional Notes:

  • Program cost estimated, based on a minimum amount of hours required for this rating by the FAA.
  • The $600.00 flight test fee is not paid from funds on account with Alyeska Helicopters.