Instrument Rating Add-On

Educational Objective:

This program is designed for the student who is already instrument rated and wishes to add an instrument rating to their helicopter certificate. Corporate flight departments often prefer dual rated pilots, making this a very popular program.

Admission Requirements:

A student must have a FAA Private Pilot Helicopter Certificate, along with an instrument rating on their airplane certificate. They must also hold a valid third-class medical certificate from a Federal Aviation Administration approved physician.

Length of Program:

This program runs approximately three months for full time students. Lengths of programs are based on a four day a week schedule.

Program Content:

  • 15 hours of Dual Flight Instruction(R44)
  • 20 hours of Ground Instruction

The purpose of this instruction is to expand your knowledge to be able to competently utilize a helicopter instrument panel. While you will already have experience using IFR and VFR charts, you will need to understand how they are used in a helicopter. Attention will be focused on interpreting previous approach and navigation experience into smooth helicopter maneuvers. You will learn to recognize the factors related to effective decision making to plan a successful IFR flight. You will plan and then conduct a cross country IFR flight. Weather will also play a large role in obtaining this add-on. Understanding how various weather patterns interact with a helicopter will be vital to successful IFR flights. When sufficient knowledge and skills are demonstrated to the instructor, you will take the check ride to attain your Instrument Rating Add-On.

Program Cost* FAA Minimum Average
Dual Instruction 15h $ 8,175.00 20h $ 10,900.00
Ground Instruction 20h $ 1,000.00 20h $ 1,000.00
Flight Test 1 $ 600.00 1 $ 600.00
PROGRAM TOTAL   $ 9,775.00   $ 12,500.00

*Please see Rates and Financing for our hourly price breakdown.

Additional Notes:

  • Program cost estimated, based on a minimum amount of hours required for this rating by the FAA. 
  • The $600.00 flight test fee is not paid from funds on account with Alyeska Helicopters.  
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