Students may enroll at any time. The following items must be submitted:

  • Completed enrollment application. (Available online and in our office)
  • Copy of a Birth certificate and driver’s license OR current passport (TSA requirement)
  • Medical Certificate (highly recommended)

We recommend that students complete a flight physical prior to enrollment to ensure their ability to obtain a medical certificate. This certificate is required prior to solo flight. We also recommend students purchase their own headsets prior to starting lessons. Please feel free to contact the office as we are more than happy to answer any questions.

Previous Flight Training Evaluation 

Students with previous flight and/or ground training will be tested upon enrollment and given appropriate credit. Evaluation will be based upon either a written test, flight check or both. Credit will be recorded on an enrollment record. To proceed with Alyeska Helicopters, please bring current certificates, endorsements, and your log book for verification.


A student shall comply at all times with the State, Municipal, and Federal Aviation Regulations and comply with all airport and school safety procedures and practices. Alyeska Helicopters’ school policies will be strictly enforced. Constant or flagrant violations of such rules or regulations will be grounds for dismissal.


The student’s training records are kept in a grade folder at the school. Alyeska Helicopters uses the following grade system for flight and ground training:

Student Folder Grade Rating

  • 1 = Excellent
  • 2 = Above Average
  • 3 = Average
  • 4 = Below Average
  • 5 = Unsatisfactory

Grade average required for certifying completion of the course is a minimum passing grade 3 for all procedures and maneuvers. When this grade is attained consistently, the student will be signed up for a Practical Flight Test with a FAA Designated Examiner.


Students concerns or complaints should be brought to the attention of the instructor. Complaints that are not satisfactorily resolved at this level should be addressed to the Chief Flight Instructor.

Solo Flight Time

Students may not carry passengers during any phase of solo training flights. Solo flight time means flight time during which the student is the sole occupant of the aircraft.


Alyeska Helicopters does not issue refunds for prior payment deposits and encourages a "pay as you go" system. If a refund is required due to weather cancellation or other causes, it will be subject to Alyeska Helicopters' discretion. Deposits may be applied to future flights or ground instruction.