Helicopter Private Pilot Certificate

Educational Objective:

This program is designed for the student who has little or no flight time and wishes to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate. A Private Pilot Certificate is similar to a driver’s license; it allows the pilot to fly for recreation with or without passengers and to share operating expenses with them, but prohibits the pilot from conducting flights for compensation or hire.

Admission Requirements:

A student must be 17 years of age and be able to read, speak, write and understand English. Before solo flight, the student must hold a valid third-class medical certificate from a Federal Aviation Administration approved physician.

Length of Program:

This private pilot helicopter training program runs approximately three months for full time students. Lengths of programs are based on a four day a week schedule.

Program Content:

  • 30 hours Dual Instruction(R-22)
  • 5 hours Solo Flight
  • 35 hours Ground Instruction

Stage I: You will take your first flight with your instructor and be introduced to the basic aerodynamics of flight and the various components of the helicopter. We will familiarize you with how to conduct a preflight and basic approach and departure procedures. Appropriate radio communication with ATC will be covered as well in preparation of your first solo flight. When you have sufficiently demonstrated that you are capable of performing the basic flight maneuvers, you will review and take your first Stage Check exam.

Stage II: Now that we know you have the skills, you will take your first solo flight! After the excitement has faded a bit, you will move on to instruction regarding aviation weather and how to interact with it. The Aeronautical Information Manual and helicopter weight-and-balance will be introduced as well. Practice of basic maneuvers will continue so as to build confidence before moving on to advanced maneuvers and off-airport operating procedures. At that point, you will take your second stage check exam.

Stage III: In the final stage, you will plan and prepare for your first cross country flight followed by your first night flight. VFR charts and how to read them as well as FAA regulations will be introduced. Competent plotter utilization and radio navigation will also be demonstrated. When your instructor deems you ready, you will undertake the final stage check and practical exam to receive the Private Pilot Certificate.

Program Cost* FAA Minimum Average
Dual Instruction 30h $ 8,700.00 65h $ 18,850.00
Solo 5h $ 1,250.00 5h $ 1,250.00
Ground Instruction 35h $ 1,750.00 60h $ 3,000.00
FAA Written Exam 1 $ 150.00 1 $ 150.00
Practical Exam 1 $ 600.00 1 $ 600.00
Books & Supplies   $ 200.00   $ 200.00
PROGRAM TOTAL   $ 12,650.00   $ 24,050.00

*Please see Rates and Financing for our hourly price breakdown.

Additional Notes:

  • Program cost estimated, based on a minimum amount of hours required for this rating by the FAA.
  • The $600.00 practical exam is not paid from funds on account with Alyeska Helicopters.