Red helicopter hovers in front of forest.

FAR Part 61 & 141 Programs

Alyeska Helicopters is an FAA-approved vocational flight training school that conducts training under both Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 61 and FAR Part 141. By offering both programs, we can provide individualized flight instruction that caters to your needs and your schedule.

What’s the difference between these programs? 

The difference between these two flight school programs is how the training is accomplished. Choosing a program depends on your needs, available time, and eligibility. A Part 61 plan allows for a more flexible schedule and a pace that fits your work and life commitments. A Part 141 curriculum is more structured and allows you to complete your training at a more accelerated pace. Here’s an overview:

FAR Part 61: Flexible

In a Part 61 program, students are trained on a one-on-one, customized basis. This option does not require formal ground school and has more flexibility in the curriculum. Students can even choose to complete some of their material through home study courses. Since a flexible schedule can spread required training hours out over a longer amount of time, most students require some additional training to reach the necessary proficiency levels in these programs compared to the more structured schedule of Part 141.

FAR Part 141: Structured

For most students, we recommend enrolling in a Part 141 program. These programs are more structured, requiring students to follow a strict FAA-approved syllabus with formal groundwork. Only Part 141 schools allow for a student to apply for financial aid, or qualify for VA-reimbursed training or M-1 Student Visa. This is a great option for those pursuing professional pilot training for their career path.