Robinson R-22 Helicopter landed next to Alaskan glacier.

Eligibility Requirements

FAA Eligibility Requirements

Make sure you meet FAA eligibility requirements before your first lesson.

  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language per the FAA’s proficiency requirements .
  • Be within the helicopter manufacturer’s weight and balance limits for dual instruction.
  • Be able to manipulate all of the flight controls
  • Show proof that you are a citizen of the United States, or in the country under a visa, or a permanent resident. TSA requires a valid passport to verify citizenship, along with a second form of government issued photo I.D.
  • If you’re not a U.S. Citizen, TSA requires you to be approved by the AFSP (Alien Flight Student Program). To begin this process, visit and create a New Student Account. Foreign students can schedule a lesson with us after AFSP approval.

VA Student Requirements

If you are seeking seeking Veterans Affairs (VA) assistance, students must meet all of the above FAA Eligibility Requirements and enroll in VONAPP and fill out a form 22-1990. VONAPP (Veterans Online Application)  is an official U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website that enables service members, veterans and their beneficiaries, and other designated individuals to apply for benefits using the Internet. Once approved, students may begin flight training; please be aware that approval may take up to 30 days.