View of frosty ground out of helicopter cockpit.


Flight training is a serious investment and we want you to have as much information as possible to assist you in making the right choice as you take this exciting step towards your future in aviation. 

When looking at the financial expectations for flight school, it is important to understand that all of our programs are proficiency based. The FAA has minimums for both flight time and ground instruction that must be met. Whether those minimums are enough to demonstrate proficiency is completely up to the student based on how much they are willing to dedicate themselves to learning. 

In our course descriptions, we list the required FAA minimums for each rating. Keep in mind that every student learns at a different pace and will require additional flight time to reach proficiency.

Robinson Helicopters have reasonably uniform operational costs that may vary slightly depending on where the school is located. Helicopter rates are wet, so there aren’t hidden fuel charges. There are no financial surprises with Alyeska Helicopters – all of our costs are outlined clearly for just that reason.

Flight Instruction

  • R-22 Beta II $275/hr solo; $325/hr dual
  • R-44 Raven I $510/hr solo; $560/hr dual

Ground Instruction

  • $50/hour


  • FAA Knowledge Test $175
  • DPE Checkride Fee $600-$800
  • SFAR Instructor Endorsement $400

Pricing Guidelines

Our flight instruction is offered on a pay-as-you-attend basis and we do not charge fuel surcharges.. Although we do not require up front deposits, the student may opt to place money down to use as an account toward lessons. Alyeska Helicopters will not refund these funds if the student is unable to complete their courses. However, these funds may be applied to future flights. 

Typically we schedule in 2-hour time blocks (or more) which includes ground instruction or flight instruction with pre and post flight inspections and briefings.

photography flights

For photographers interested in aerial images, we offer helicopter photo flights at an hourly rate. This is a great way to capture real estate images, air-to-air photos for aviation, or to capture the amazing landscape surrounding Anchorage. Our pilots will coordinate your desired flight path and get any ATC permissions required for airport photography. 

Photo Flight in an R22:  $350 per hour of flight time (1 hour minimum)
Photo Flight in an R44:  $760 per hour of flight time (1 hour minimum)